Take care of your hands

Since the outbreak of Covid-19, health experts encourage people to frequently sanitize and wash their hands to stop the spread of the virus. Aside the global impact, our hands too, have taken a serious beating. While it’s still crucial to follow these hygiene practices, doing it the right way is just as important.

Can you wash your hands too often?

Excessive exposure to water can irritate the skin. Additionally, a harsh soap or alcohol, will increase the risk of dryness and hand eczema. The outer layer of our skin (or epidermis) acts as a protective barrier from the outside while maintaining the natural moisture in the skin. This barrier can be damaged while scrubbing the hands with soap as it removes both unwanted oil and germs as well as natural oils in the skin. During winter months, with cold and less humid weather, dryness can be even worse.

Keep your hands clean and healthy

To keep your hands clean and healthy, it’s best to consider the below hand hygiene care practices:

  • Use lukewarm water. Wash your hands with warm water instead of hot water. Repeatedly washing hands with hot water can dry out and irritate your skin. Also, after washing your hands, it’s better to pat them dry instead of rubbing vigorously.
  • Moisturize immediately. Apply moisturizer immediately after washing your hands while they are still damp to help seal the moisture in. Choose the right moisturizer*.
  • Don't overuse hand sanitizer. Use hand sanitizer only when soap and water aren’t available, and containing at least 60% alcohol. Take note, these are drying, so apply moisturizer as soon as your hands dry.
  • Wear task-appropriate gloves when coming in contact with water or chemicals. Gloves are recommended when doing chores such as dishwashing, house cleaning, gardening, etc. It’s also recommended to wear mittens outside to protect your hands from cold weather as cold air can be drying.

*What is the right moisturizer?

Oleon has developed a multi-purpose Hand & Body cream, designed to drench the skin with a layer of immediate and long-lasting hydration. This fast-absorbing cream, suitable for normal to dry skin, gives an even-looking and luminous skin that feels velvety soft.

Key ingredient: Jolee® 7750, our green alternative to low viscous silicones. Originating from 100% natural feedstock, this product allows to formulate a light texture with a great slip and unique silky feel, which quickly absorbs promoting healthy and moisturized skin from head to toe.

It also contains Shea butter, known for its regenerative and restorative properties that improve moisturization, reduce inflammation and smooth the skin.

The emulsifier used for this formulation is Jolee® 7777, designed specifically to obtain multiple emulsions: it contains both water-in-oil and oil-in-water emulsifiers, which allow an initial nice spreading and watery fresh feel, followed by a more nourishing and protecting one.

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