Caprylic in cosmetics

Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride (also known as MCT) is a commonly used emollient in cosmetics and personal care products. This liquid oil is produced by esterification of glycerin and medium-chain fatty acids derived from coconut or palm oil. Oleon’s MCT, Radia 7104, is palm-based. This product is COSMOS certified and NaTrue approved and has a natural origin index of 1. Radia 7104 is a clear and odorless product and thus contributes to a positive consumer experience.

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Why is MCT used in many applications?

The great advantage of MCT is that you can use this product in many applications including skincare, suncare, color, hair care and toiletries. This product has multifunctional benefits as explained below.


The main function of MCT is that this product brings hydration to the skin and provides emolliency. MCT forms a protective barrier on the skin and prevents the skin from waterloss.

Touch and texture

MCT has the ability to thicken a formulation and enhances the texture and spreadability of a cosmetic product. This is a great advantage when for example applying a sunscreen products on the skin. MCT also gives a smooth and soft feeling.

Dispersing agent

MCT helps to deliver actives and key ingredients in the skin. On the other hand, it can also function as wetting agent of pigments in color cosmetics.

Compatibility with different oils and solvents

This product works well with most ingredients and has a great compatibility with different oils and solvents.

Mild and safe ingredients

MCT is known to be mild and safe to the skin.

To conclude, MCT is valued in cosmetics as it is beneficial for the skin and hair but also for obtaining an effective product with the right consistency. Its natural origin and environmental profile gives the opportunity to create sustainable formulations.

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