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Sustainable packaging

Our Natural Chemistry is not only reflected in our products based on renewable raw materials, but also in our sustainable packaging. Oleon aims to play an important role in reducing plastic waste, from how it’s produced, to how it is used by customers and how it is disposed of after use. We are doing our part to help reduce or eliminate plastic waste.

Our 1 liter and 5 liter bottles are made out of 100% PIR materials. PIR is the abbreviation of Post Industrial Recycled. This type of material is composed of leftovers from the production process of plastic containers. The PIR is cleaned and molded to form new bottles.

The labels on our bottles are white, matt synthetic inkjet labels that comply with the BS5609 requirements for GHS chemical labels. The labels are made out of the same material as our bottles, therefore the packaging can be sorted and recycled easily.

To ship the bottles, we use carton boxes that resist tearing, moisture, and temperature fluctuations. The boxes are made of 70% recycled paper and are themselves fully recyclable.

Recycle our packaging and contribute to a circular economy. Let's go for a positive change together!