Jolee 7750: A Natural Silicone-like Emollient

Including Jolee 7750 into your formulations can offer many sustainability benefits to meet your consumer’s demands. As this silicone-like emollient is fully based on renewable sources such as palm kernel oil, wheat, sugar beet, and sugar cane, this specialty ester has a small ecological footprint. Moreover, one of the building blocks of our Jolee 7750 is produced from fusel oil, which is a by-product in the bioethanol industry and thus contributes to the waste reduction of our planet. As member of the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO), Jolee 7750 is available as RPSO Mass Balance. On top, it is non bio-accumulative, completely biodegradable, and therefore not harmful for the environment.

Key features





High surface diffusion

Easy spread

Light after feel

Natural alternative to light silicones


Skin irritation: non-irritating (in vivo patch test)

Genotoxicity: non-mutagenic and non pro-mutagenic (AMES)



Usage level

1% - 80%

Biodegradability profile

Readily biodegradable (OECD 301B)

Application benefits

Easy formulating

Oleon’s silicone-like Jolee 7750 is a short chained ester that acts as a superior solubilizer of lipophilic cosmetic raw materials. At different ratios the compatibility with various solvents was investigated and show remarkable stability results with frequently used oils/solvents in diverse applications like sun care, skin care, and hair care. Find out more in our brochure.


100% natural silicone-feeling

Jolee 7750 is a 100% natural silicone-like emollient that offers an exquisite sensory profile comparable to that of benchmark silicones. The low viscosity and quick absorption result in high spreading and quick penetrating properties. Jolee 7750 delivers a silky touch with improved shine to your natural formulations. For more information, you can find our brochure here.

Figure 1: Sensorial analysis conducted by an internal expert panel. Products were rated according to five parameters on a scale from 0 to 5 (0 = low score; 5 = high score).

Your partner for hair care

In vitro tests have shown that Jolee 7750 provides a significant decrease in combing force needed to detangle hair tresses compared to untreated hair. Based on conducted in vitro test it can be concluded that Oleon's silicone-like emollients have a similar efficacy as cyclopentasiloxane. See full results here.

Pigment dispersing partner

Jolee 7750 is recommended to be used as a pigment disperser due to their high wetting power. The pigment dispersion capacity can be shown on the graph below, where Oleon’s silicone-like emollients are compared to different benchmarks.

Figure 2: Amount of emollient (gram) needed to solubilize 1 gram of pigment (iron oxides C177491 Jojoba esters).

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